Segavideo review




Are you looking for onlyfans telegram channel with actual onlyfans leaks? Segavideo has been doing this for a long time and they post pretty much all day every day! With over 50k + subscribers on their channel, they are a true power house in the telegram onlyfans leak scene and they are killing it! As I write this they have posted the full Remy Lacroix onlyfans leak that is over 20gb and it is perfectly packages in image and video folders! 

So you know they post Onlyfans leaks and mega download links but SegaVideo is also posting full porn site rips. Yes that is right they posted full site rip a long with the full brazzers catalog site rip. I know it's insane and yes I jacked off for hours. So what is the difference between SegaVideo and any other onlyfans leak channel and why you should join it. Well the great part about SegaVideo's telegram channel is that they don't spam ad link after ad link, meaning they don't hide onlyfans leaks behind many layers of ad links to get through just to get the mega download link. They also provide a tutorial video on how to get each link so you don't get confused and just exit out of their channels. Most channels actually I don't think any channels do this and I think that is why SegaVideo has so the 55k + subscribers on their channel right now, they are putting the community first. 

If you're looking to ad more onlyfans leak telegram channels to your collection then SegaVideo is mandatory as it is one of the best telegram onlyfans leak channel out right now and I personally check this telegram channel everyday and so should you!

  • 55k + Members
  • Updated Daily
  • Tutorial Video
  • Tight Community
  • Ad links