TheLeakBay review



Lovely teens at The Leak Bay, aka The Teen Bay! Is there any group of women in the world who have sex as much as teenage girls do? Probably not – all those hormones, alcohol and at times drugs are just the perfect combination to get teenage girls in the mood for some rough, satisfying sex, and since we live in a digital era where practically anything can be recorded at any time, it’s only right that these girls are recorded when they’re taking dick.

Everyone in the world can appreciate some good old fashioned teenage girl pornography – your dad, your uncle, your grandpa and perhaps even a female relative of yours would definitely be down to soak in some X-rated teen girl action, even if they’re righteous people who abstain from pornography they’re definitely gonna give in sooner or later to some of this stuff, which is why TheLeakBay, aka TheTeenBay is such a popularly visited site.

Thousands of people frequent this domain in order to get some classic teenage XXX action on demand. There’s a gigantic database of XXX video content stored on this page which can be accessed by literally anyone with an internet connection. If you’ve ever had a fast-acting, acute sexual urge which has left your dick defenseless against your hands, then this site will definitely satisfy you, especially if you’re opening it from a smartphone and looking to covertly fap to some of its eye-candy esque videos. Let’s take a look at TheLeakBay, aka TheTeenBay and see what it’s all about…

Has that Good old Professionally Made HD Stuff

Of course, this website has those professionally-made videos that scream ‘fake’ – these HD, big-budget premium videos are a staple of any porntube, regardless if it focuses on one specific niche or is an all-around generalist website. There are plenty of videos on here that are made by these big-budget XXX studios, and you can fap to them for free. The only problem which you may encounter is lack of variation, and no, I’m not talking about variation in the genre because this is a teen-based porn website anyway.

I’m talking about variation in porn studio; you see, the only two studios which this site has sourced its professionally-made XXX videos from are ‘Backroom Casting Couch’ and ‘Exploited College Teens’. There are no other studios whose content has made it onto this site, which is a real shame because there are a ton of great porn studios out there that make some excellent teen-based fuck flicks such as Nubiles, TeamSkeet and so on.

Also Has Plenty of Amateur Homemade Fuck Flicks Too

Fortunately for all you amateur XXX fuck flicks lovers out there, this website has plenty of homemade content which will definitely help you reminisce on those good times you used to have sex with that ex-girlfriend of yours – or maybe they won’t. Regardless of whether or not you can relate to the homemade videos on this site, there’s still a LOT of them – enough to keep any lover of the XXX sub-genre satisfied and happy for days on end.

The amateur stuff on this website correlates between actual authentic homemade videos and those that are created by studios in an attempt to emulate actual authentic homemade videos like for example those pseudo-incest vids where a certain stepsister of stepdaughter ends up having sex with a non-blood-related member of her family for whatever reason. If you’re into teen-based amateur videos, whether they’re actually homemade or made by a studio as an emulation attempt, you’ll find more than enough of them here on TheLeakBay, aka TheTeenBay.

The Categories Are Quite Limited

(only 19, no hardcore stuff, a big focus on alt and cosplay, no standalone category section that contains all the categories even though there are categories listed as tags on videos which are not included on landing page’s left side selection)

The category department on this website is more or less a mixed bag – you’ll be able to find a lot of categories that will meet your needs, but you’ll definitely find some inadequacies if you decide to inspect the situation below the surface. For starters, the categories themselves are displayed on the left-hand side of the website’s landing page, and there’s no other place on the website which shows you a definitive list of all its categories. There are a total of 19 categories that you can look through here, but 19 isn’t really that much, especially for a site that’s made to abide by a porntube-style design.

Most if not all of the existing 19 categories don’t delve too much into any bizarre or fetish section, and tend to focus a lot on the whole ‘alternative’ and ‘cosplay/dressup’ thematic, so there’s a definite direction which this site’s content has taken, but for the most part the intensity of things remain safely within the vanilla domain.

It’s a little perplexing to see that there are only 19 available categories which can be found on this site’s left-hand side and that they’re inaccessible on any other part of the site – and it’s even more perplexing that you can access tags on the videos which essentially serve the same purpose as the categories themselves, except that they can’t be located on the original 19-category list that’s present on the left-hand side of the landing page. This, of course, means that TheLeakBay, aka TheTeenBay is definitely in need of some more organization in that department.

Check out the Girls

(list of girls on right side of all pages, they’re all mostly camwhores and don’t have their own standalone section, just like the categories)

There’s a list of girls/models you can check out on the site’s right-hand side which acts as a sort of dedicated ‘pornstar section’, however instead of being a comprehensive gallery of pornstars, it’s more of an avatar-based list of cam models that you can access and check out to see if there are any videos uploaded on this website which contain them. But like the category section, the unofficial model list doesn’t really have its own dedicated section and is more of a gallery that shows you some of the cam models which appear on this site’s videos.

There Really Isn’t a Great Deal of Videos on This Site

In reality, after inspecting this website a few times and uncovering what lies beneath its otherwise refined surface, there really isn’t much to this site – sure, it may focus on the ‘teen’ side of internet porn, which should by default contain a lot of videos, but in the end all it has is a few dozen clips akin to those large porn tubes that contain thousands of videos.

All the Video Links Lead to Previews – Must Download the Full Versions

Another thing about this website which may or may not tilt you depending on whether or not you’re looking for a video ASAP or not is the fact that every single video on this website is merely a preview. All the previews are around 10-20 seconds long, and in order to be fully viewed, you have to download them via a mirror link.

Now these mirror links may or may not be suspicious, but for the most part, they should be safe – if you have some sort of antivirus running on your PC it might go off once you click on them, but that probably won’t mean that your device will be infected by anything. All of those links are ‘not secured’ so they’re bound to set off any anti-viruses in the first place.

All in All the Videos Are Quality and Pretty Rare

Despite there being not that many videos on this website, and despite the fact that you have to download them in order to see them, a saving grace moment for TheLeakBay, aka TheTeenBay is that its videos are pretty high in quality and usually hold up to a certain standard in terms of content, regardless if they’re solo videos or straight-up porn. It’s pretty much impossible to find these on free porn tubes, which is why they have to be downloaded from these alternate mirror links in order to be fully viewed.

  • No weird ads
  • Decent Design
  • HD Streaming
  • None