Tuqpa review



Tuqpa, What a weird name, must be Russian or something. That's ok, Russians seem to like onlyfans leaks just as much as we do! I have to say right off the bat, if you're looking for a beautiful and well running site then https://tuqpa.com/ is for you! Man this site looks amazing and runs so good!  They also stream in 4k! Not many models provide 4k on their onlyfans but man they really are looking out for their users and let you stream in very high quality.

Unlike the rest of the onlyfans leak sites that we review, Tuqpa does not have a forum. Which is a bummer because I think they could have one of the best forums out there if it anything like their main site, What they do have though is a telegram and you can join it here (https://t.me/Meglink).

The only downside I can find with Tuqpa is that they never update!!! They can go months without any updates but when they do update it is worth the wait. However between the good content, they have a ton of old stuff we have ALL seen before. 

  • Beautiful Site
  • They Have a Telegram
  • No Forum
  • Never Updated
  • Lots of Ads