DirtyHub review



DirtyHub -  This site is seriously so fucking ugly. I hate the colors, it reminds me of some Russian hospital. Russians love the color seafoam green! Maybe its a bunch of Russians we run this site. Anyway the reason why this site is so far down the list is because its ugly but not only because its ugly. It just has some of the worst onlyfans video and image leaks out there. Ok, I am being a bit harsh but damn dude they need to stop the game up. They also only update 5 leaks a day! Come on you guys, you can do so much better than that. 

The browsing is really nice and fluid and it looks amazing on my phone so I can give them that. The Mobile experience is also amazing and that means the most to me honestly. we are also all are on our phones 24/7 now so everything needs to be mobile focused anyway. 

If you look at the content they post it doesn't look like they are getting anything themselves and it all comes from other sites. You can see this is stolen from other sites because of the watermark they have all over their content. I cant knock them to hard but come on guys do some leg work! 

They just post videos one by one instead of throwing them in some kind of video editor and stacking everything together so the user can play one video instead of clicking play on each onlyfans video leak so it triggers a pop up. I DO NOT like this and I think that is one of the worst things I have seen a site do lately. Yea you have to make money but got damn let me at least fap after battling with 100 pop ups and ads.  

Let me know what you guys think of their onlyfans leaked video content > https://dirtyhub.tv/

  • Looks Great On Mobile
  • Ugly Colors
  • No Forum
  • Barely Any Updates
  • Lots of Spam Ads
  • Spam Tags In Post
  • Steals From Other Leak Sites