Polemicgirls review



This is an amazing site, one of the better onlyfans mega downloads site. They have been around for a few years and have some of the rarest and hottest onlyfans models on the net. There is a lot of latina models and columbian models that they tend to focus on but who cares, these girls are so hot! 

The only downside to Polemicgirls they updated maybe every other day, but when they do update its models you want. They recently added some of the hottest latina's who just turned 18 and start an onlyfans! These are some amazing finds and I actually started subbing to them because of Polemicgirls. 

They do offer a premium service for around $45 every $45 days. I know its steep but its one of the few premium that is 100% worth it! I do suggest joining! However if you do not join, there is some very very very aggressive pop unders that you will need to fight through! Check out this ad blocker if you don't have one yet here. 

  • Teens!
  • Best models
  • Hottest models
  • Agressive ads
  • Not many updates
  • $$