Bree Louise review

Bree Louise

Bree Louise

We will be reviewing the tiktok star Bree Louise onlyfans page and let you guys know what you will get when you subscribe and if its worth the price. Bree Louise is an 18 year old teen who just likes to get fucked. She got her fame from posting super hot tiktok videos and used her reach on her tiktok profile to start an onlyfans. If you want to follow her on instagram you can go here but if just want to see her onlyfans go here.

Bree is from Sydney, Australia and loves to dance and actually is doing a bunch of tiktok re-make dances naked and playing with her pussy to tiktok theme videos. She is also only 18 years old! So I subscribed about 4 months ago so some things may have changed. I see she offers, snapchat now but that shit is dead so I don’t use it anyway.

Right now she has a sale of $10 for the month, when you see something like this you know she uses a 2nd tier paywall. Where she will posts tease videos and pictures on her onlyfans timeline but will hit you in your dm’s to get you to pay a premium for the full video.
•Completely uncensored
•Lingerie try ons
•Cosplay (still learning xx)
•Feet content
•Girl/Girl content
•Boy/girl content
•Solo play
•Nude flexibility/dance
•Nude TikTok remakes
•Cheeky behind the scenes posts

She does all of these things but at a premium price. She knows she has hype because of her tiktok so she is doing anything she can to make money. When you subscribe you will get access to 519 photo’s and 462 videos. I would say half of all that is her advertising other girls and a bunch of tease videos and pictures and promoting her snapchat. She will hit you up non-stop to buy her premium content in the dm’s.

Is it worth it? It’s ok but all of her content leaks so much and non of the stuff you pay for on the timeline is worth it after the first hour of looking at it. I would say wait for it to leak because she is going to make you pay for every little thing.

  • Teen
  • Tiktok
  • Anal
  • Solo
  • Boy / Girl
  • Blowjob
  • She Spam's A Lot
  • Could Do Way Better Content
  • Filming Is Horrible