Yes we just added a new section, to help weed through these specific channels. DISCRIMINAO TV might be in Spanish but dude they have some amazing videos and gallery packs you can can access right through the telegram channel itself instead of having to deal with ad links and other spammy shit you have to deal with on the mega link download channels. There is some draw backs to onlyfans model video telegam leak channels, like only getting a few pieces of content. With the mega links download channels you get a full rip of the current onlyfans content they have available. 

Right now, DISCRIMINAO TV has over 45k + subscribers on their channel and they are one of the few channels like this, that allows comments on each post. I don't give a fuck about horny dudes commenting about how they want to fuck the models but, they do post mega download links and other leak channels just like DISCRIMINAO TV. The comments are another piece of gold as an addition to the main channel feed. 

There is some dating spam banners that you will see every few posts, which is fine, they need to make money for their effort. Let us know what you think! 

  • Lots of content
  • Videos posted daily
  • Images Posted Daily
  • Comments
  • 45k+ Subscribers
  • Some dating banner spam