Cuntwars review



Cunt Wars!!! - is this porn game actually fun? Honestly, I click through a ton of porn games as we are building this site out and reviewing the best onlyfans leak sites and downloader tools. Cunt Wars is actually hilarious and it's a free porn game, unlike all those instagram ad's you get when you're looking at whores on ig and you get the zombie shooter game or whatever game they are trying to get you to download. You check out the ad and you're like this game looks awesome, but then you download it, and its a bait and switch lame ass game. 

Anyway, this game is hillarious and you can sign up for the premium stuff but you don't need to. I always play as the blonde whore, and you should too. She has a better amount of money to start out with. 

Give cunt wars a shot! And just have some fun with it. Don't take it too serious like its a moba game like dota or league of legends.

  • Free
  • Fun
  • Great Design
  • Needs more content