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Fig Gaming

Let the games begin

Get in on the naughty fun and experience sex games that touch every existing porn genre. With a kinky twist on popular gaming culture, the XXX assembly found on is here to show you all the imaginative ways to have sex. Get a different perspective on famous movies and old-school games, dig inside animated pussies and bring fantasy to your life by choosing different roles. All characters are eager to let you explore their bodies, begging for your guidance through perilous adventures filled with sizzling screwing sessions. 

In case you have wondered what aliens really look like or how they like to fuck, has it covered. Aside from the celestial beings in dirty endeavors, you'll find plenty of toon-like XXX games, porn versions of highly popular shooting games, and plenty of other surprises that are sure to give you a boner. Not only are the games found on this website beyond arousing, but they are funny and amusing, too, combining witty titles with exciting gameplay.

Embrace yourself for perfectly shaped tits of female superheroes, and move your fingers over the velvety skin of sexy goddesses. If you are more on the kinky side, a number of Hentai games are here to touch different perversions, including family taboo sex, bondage, and hardcore punishments. The plethora of various characters brings a breath of fresh air to every gamer who likes to see a couple of bouncy tits here and there. Teen or MILF, human or alien, big-dicked studs and fuckable chicks can't wait for you to control their bodies and give them powerful orgasms. 

What to expect from

When it comes to the website's aesthetic, the team kept things simple. The background is black, bringing focus to the content and most important options. In the upper left corner, you'll see a man with a big mustache crying his eyeballs out. He conveys a clear message - sorry, mother, for having such a perv for your son. He just can't stop jerking his cock while playing those mind-blowing games, and we don't blame him. The sobbing man obviously isn't alone in his kinks - more than 1.2 million people were playing games at the website at the time of the review! Pretty popular, don't you think?

Scroll down the website and see a list of offered XXX games. You won't know where to look first, and hundreds of thousands of people online share your opinion. They go from one game to another, getting lost in the dirty vortex. Some of the games that expect you on the homepage are My Room Mate, Grand Fuck Auto, Octopussy, and Call Of Booty. Many titles are the parodies of the popular mainstream games, with similar-looking characters and funny scenarios that always lead to the same thing - lots of hardcore screwing. 

How to play?

The purple banner on the homepage invites you to sign up and become a part of the kinky community. The process is simple and free. All you have to do is verify that you are 18+. On some occasions, you'll have to verify that you are older than 24, meaning the game contains scenes of extreme sex. Read the warnings and hit agree until the game starts loading. There is no need to download the game to play it - all of them are compatible with your browser. Another great news is that you get a free account that lasts forever, giving you full access to all games. The sign-up window gives you the info on how many people have registered on that specific day, and the number always stays around one hundred thousand folks. keeps growing, adding new games to the collection regularly. All they need is your attention and a couple of seconds to complete the registering process.

Now the hard part - choose the game to meet your needs. The task is not easy since every single game looks like it has been forged in the pits of sexy hell. The titles are informative, letting you get a clue of what's going on inside, and the pictures help you realize what to expect from the gameplay. Fun titles of well-known games such as Titris or Ms. Packwhore are sure to bring a grin to your face while giving you a boner. It all comes down to your personal inclinations, and the Sorry Mother team did their best to collect the most versatile of adult games.

The magic of Hentai games is here for those who appreciate the artistry of the genre, together with physics-defying fuck positions featuring the biggest dicks that the porn industry has ever seen. Nothing will crush your inhibitions like a good Hentai-inspired game. Do you wanna see a Mutant Orgy - be our guests. Watch fat tentacles drill moist twats, and control the speed of the railing. Become a pervy Octopussy that brings utter pleasure to hotties, stuffing all of their orifices at the same time. BDSM, lesbian, or gangbang games - it's all here for you, free of charge. did its best to explore every porn niche without hesitation, bringing satisfaction to everyone despite their differences and various kinks.

The final word

The team of promises lifetime access to everyone who knows how to appreciate good sex games. The conditions will never change, and the naughty list will keep growing, getting better and larger by the day. Millions of people have already discovered the charms of this user-friendly and steamy website, and now it's your turn to become a part of this tantalizing world.

Choose the game that makes you happy and horny, but make sure to keep scrolling until you check out every single one. Each XXX game comes with a unique set of traits, superb aesthetics, and fun scenarios. Forget about taboos and treat yourself with hours of fapping material that never fails to amaze!

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