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With the rise of social media platforms, there has been a breakthrough with these apps. More and more users figured out how to use their profiles to share their interests, hobbies, and much more, and get a big following that ultimately affected their lives for the better. Some of those influential people even made careers out of their social media accounts, and now they are living the dream.


The porn industry has been a crucial part of the world-wide-web since the beginning, and it’s to no one’s surprise that the creators that have been making a living by putting up their homemade dirty videos for free figured out how to incorporate their social media profiles and get to make a living from selling their content.


Over the last few years, we have all heard about Instagram and Facebook, at this point, those social media networks became the most-used apps on the web. But now there are new photo and video sharing apps that deserve just as much attention. Since the video-sharing app, TikTok has been introduced and taken over the online world, the same adult creators that used Instagram or Facebook to their advantage, expanded their influence to other apps too. But since these social media networks have guidelines, that prohibit posting adult content, the gorgeous and slutty girls found a way to share their videos with all of us, and not leave us hanging.


Instead of going to all those different apps, and spending hours searching for those naughty girls, the site Fap.bar is here to showcase you all of those videos in one place. Sit back, relax and enjoy scrolling through steamy videos until you can’t fap anymore.


Everything you need to know about Fap.bar site


When you first land on the Fap.bar site, it might be confusing. There is only one page, and the homepage is made in a way that will allow you to immediately play videos and move on to the next simply by scrolling down. Most of these videos have interesting background music to keep you more entertained while you watch countless beauties take off their clothes and showcase all of their assets.


The Fap.bar site is made for quick porn viewing, but like any other porn site, you can customize the content you are watching. In the top right corner, you will see a menu button, and from there you can change the source of the content you are watching. So you can scroll through erotic Tiktok videos, or switch to Snapchat and even leaked OnlyFans videos. The Fap.bar site is here to give you the ultimate social media experience while watching sizzling porn.


The menu bar is also where all the categories are listed, and where the search bar can be located. So if you are looking for a specific girl, hurry to the search bar and see if her content has been leaked to Fap.bar site yet! The menu is a fast way to change categories and go from watching petite cuties to watching busty divas in no time. Use this site to your advantage, and if you want to have this content under your fingertips at all times, you can download the phone app and enjoy scrolling all day.


The Fap.bar site lets you like the videos that have made an impression on you, Share your love with the creators, and join hundreds of guys that have already fallen under the charms of these Tiktok stunners. Under the like button, you can find the ‘Porndude’ button on every video, and if you are interested in expanding your porn view, you can get redirected to the ultimate porn site list, and enjoy different adult content all day long.


When you open the menu bar and see the different profiles on the top of the window, those are the girls that are live right now! You can watch their live streams and all of their previous lives. With one click on their profiles, you can see all of their posts in one place. If you are ready to experience porn in a new way, and see what would happen if the world of Tiktok merged with porn, the Fap.bar site is your answer.


If you were wondering how you can get the Fap.bar app to your mobile devices, listen up. The simplest way is to open up the Fap.bar site on your phone search engine, and that is enough to experience this site as an app. But if you would like to take it a step further, you can always add the lint to the Fap.bar site to your home screen, and it will act like an app.




The porn industry has been a big part of the online world, since the beginning of internet exploring, there has been porn in the corners of the world-wide-web. So ever since social media networks took over the bigger part of the internet, the porn world had to follow. Introducing the new and exciting way to watch mobile porn, Fap.bar. This site brings you erotic short videos, and here you can scroll endlessly while watching all the taken down, or banned Tiktok videos. The Fap.bar site is here to showcase porn in a new light, and now you can pin the Fap.bar site to your home screen, and have the site act like an app on your phone.


This site is where you don’t have to scroll the previews and get lost in countless pages before you find the perfect video. Here you get to watch the videos as soon as you get on this site. If you don’t like the video, simply scroll and get to the new video with ease. The menu button in the top right corner can help you navigate this site with a search bar and a list of different categories. Check out the new way of watching porn on Fap.bar now!

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