FiqFuq review



Who’s up for a Fiq Fuq? It’s a lot like a TikTok, only you’ll probably find it’s easier to whack off to. That’s honestly one of the most important features of any good website, at least when it comes to the type of material I review here at ThePornDude. While your niece might be able to kill a whole day watching viral dance videos, injurious challenges and viewer reactions, us perverts tend to be a little choosier about our content. If it ain’t going to make me hard as a rock and help me throw a load into an old gym sock, I’m not sure I have much use for it.

The title gives away the premise here: is a free porn site built with a TikTok style. They’re a newer site, naturally, since TikTok itself hasn’t been around all that long. (Well, it’s technically been around since 2016, but it’s only been a cultural phenomenon for a fraction of the time.) As a professional masturbator, it is both my job and my duty to check the joint out and share my opinion with the rest of you self-love enthusiasts. Goddamn, I love my job and duty sometimes, and it looks like it’s going to be one of those days.

First impressions count for a lot. Where do your eyes fall when you look at a babe? Is it her boobs, her face, her ass, her legs, her feet, her twat, or something else altogether? That’s more of a rhetorical question, because however you answer it, you’ll probably see it plastered all over the front page of FiqFuq. The presentation is eye pleasing, to say the least, with all that prime T&A wrapped up in a clean layout with a nice logo at the top.

The front page is similar to most free porn sites in that it’s a wall of thumbnails. The asymmetrical images have more of a modern social-media app feel than all the tubes we’ve been seeing for years now, but it’s still a menu page. Basically, they’re asking you to pick a place to start.

And goddamn, there are so many good places to start. Some TikTok porn sites are all about leaks from TikTok, where girls shake their tits and then presumably get banned from the app. That shit’s fun, but it has its limits; TikTok’s own Terms of Service prevent too much fun from happening over there, so you end up with a lot of relatively softcore fare—amateur nudes mainly. Right away, you’ll probably notice that FiqFuq has a nice, wide variety of amateur and professional, hardcore, softcore and fetish material.

This is 2022 and Fiq Fuq is a TikTok-styled porn site, so it does lean heavily toward social media style amateur material. I see cosplay girls posing topless and playing with themselves, bedroom dominatrixes and cumshot selfies, as well as chicks blowing their boyfriends or giving footjobs to dildos. Other thumbnails show scenes clearly pulled from professional productions, like the POV shot of Gianna Dior with her mouth around a cock. (Incidentally, I witnessed the very same thing firsthand over on the PornDudeCasting couch and got plenty of video to prove it!)

It's a lovely mix of social media sluts, amateurs and more traditional pornstars, in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are so many fresh, beautiful faces, the selection dabbled by an occasional familiar mug. I saw Riley Reid riding some guy’s face right below some Insta-thot showing off her big ass, followed by a big-titty goth bitch wearing a leash. I’m hard as a rock and haven’t even made it past the front page.

It gets better beyond the front page, because that’s where we get to’s real gimmick, the one hinted at in the very name. Every website in 2022 is mobile friendly, but this one’s got an app-style design that really shines on your phone or tablet. You know, just like TikTok. (It also works well on desktop. You’ll just be using the arrow keys or clicking along the edges instead of swiping.)

I tapped a photo of a PAWG in cosplay, dressed as some masked, fishnetted character I didn’t recognize, but who gave me a boner. Maybe it’s just the fantastic ass. Either way, Fiq Fuq stretched the full-sized image across my screen so I could enjoy it in all its glory.

After taking it in for a minute, I swiped. This time, a girl in lingerie kneeled on a bed, showing off her jugs and fuck-me face. It was another still photo, but the next swipe brought me to a POV blowjob video. The women locks her brown eyes on the camera as she slides her pretty mouth up and down the shaft, and then the video repeats.

In the next few minutes, showed me more topless girls and more cocksucking whores, followed by a whole bunch of POV cock-riding and doggystyle loops. I found a fantastic amateur shot of a couple babes showering with a lucky dude and tapped the “More like this” link. It brought me to another picture menu, which included more girls in the shower, more naked roommates and more amateur porn.

There are some snippets that perhaps don’t match the theme, so the categorization ain’t perfect. That said, it’s a nice little delivery system for helping you get more of what you’re into. Free porn sites don’t have the kind of money TikTok has to build algorithms that perfectly identify your interests and hook you like a crack addict, but the Fiq Fuq setup is pretty efficient. Some of the shittier TikTok porn sites don’t give you any options about what you get to watch.

FiqFuq has a streamlined interface like the app it’s based on, leaving most of the screen free of clutter so you can enjoy the boobs, the butts, and the humping. One of the few links included is a Source button in the corner, which will bring you to the original Reddit post where the photo or video was posted.

Reddit’s popular enough that I often assume everyone is familiar with it. They’re one of the biggest, most visited websites on the planet, and their discussion boards cover basically everything. I’ve got an entire section here at ThePornDude devoted to X-rated subreddits, because there’s a lot in there. sources their content from Reddit, which goes a really fucking long way.

For one thing, getting your content from Reddit means you’re going to get a wide variety, which we already discussed. While I don’t know how quickly Fiq Fuq’s robot is grabbing material from Reddit, the pool is basically limitless. That means the potential for basically endless updates in pretty much any category. In fact, they seemed to serve me an entirely different batch of TikTok porn every time I refreshed the front page.

I’m not sure exactly how the whole thing works, but I’m guessing the “More like this” button grabs stuff from the same Reddit. Maybe that’s why the categorization ain’t perfect, but ain’t bad. It would be nice to see a browsable menu of subreddits or genres, though maybe I’m just thinking like an old-time internet masturbator. Part of the magic of TikTok is that there’s less browsing and more instant content, and yeah, that’s part of the magic of FiqFuq, too.

I settled in for a while, taking my time to swipe through thick, juicy asses jiggling on dudes’ faces, lesbian 69s, forced interracial pussy eating and teen nymphettes taking nude mirror selfies. I witnessed close-ups of fingered twats dripping with girlcum, schoolgirls working themselves over with vibrators and MILFs absolutely going to town on men they’re too excited to be married to. After edging for nearly an hour, just as I was about to cum, some fucking asshole started banging on the bathroom stall and asking if I was almost done. I’ve got to stop doing my reviews from Starbucks. offers a fantastic change of pace for cheapskate masturbators looking for something a little different from the same old free tubes. The setup feels very much like TikTok or some other social media app, only the entire thing is full of short porn videos and dirty photos. The instant accessibility is arguably the prime feature, so what are you waiting for? Access it instantly and get fapping!

  • Really good design
  • Easy to find hot teens
  • Top Influencers
  • Dance Videos
  • None