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There is a place where you can find all the naughty and slutty teen hotties, that are ready to risk it all just to have a taste of daddy’s big cock, when mom’s not around. These young girls are inexperienced, and all they want in their young lives is to get the love and affection of their step-dads. So if you are aching to sit, relax ad watch these teen sluts as they arch their backs, wear short booty shorts to get their dad’s attention, the site is the perfect place for you. is a part of the TeamSkeet network, and this site is dedicated to bringing you the steamy and dirty movies where you get to watch everything play out as the pervy dad, while the teen sweetheart is on her knees, begging you to take her virginity or teach her a few things about sex. These cuties are serious about taking a ride on your hard stick, and who are you to turn them away from a learning experience. You and the teen hotties just have to keep the training session between you, and never let mom find out about her sweet daughter seducing her husband.


Navigating the site


Once you land on the home page of the site, you will be greeted with the withe background, that allows all the preview videos and selections to catch your eye right away. The top part of the site, before you get to scroll down and see what the site has to offer, you will see the preview pictures of some of the other related sister sites that are also a part of the TeamSkeet family. Above the big and naughty ad, you will find all the important buttons that will help you navigate this site.


The first two important buttons are the ‘Movies’ and the ‘Models’ buttons. The first button redirects you to a page where all of the movies are listed, but you will only have limited access until you decide to signup for Without a subscription, you can only watch the previews and explore the surface of, but even the surface is enough to make your dick hard, and it will beg you to sign up and watch every movie posted here, so you can see all the gorgeous teen beauties on their knees. Once you get a membership, the movies area expands, and so do the categories to choose from.


The next button, the ‘Models’ button takes you to a perfectly curated list of all the gorgeous performers that you can get on their knees begging to have a taste of your big rod. Here you can scroll and take a look at the girls’ best pictures to get an idea of what you can see once they bend over and let you bang them until mom comes home. The last two buttons will help you to join and make an account with, while the other will help you log in if you already have an account.


Subscribing to


If the previews of the naughty DADCRUSH movies weren’t enough for you, and you are looking to explore this site deeper, then you might want to locate and click on the ‘Join Now’ button. This button will redirect you to a signing up page, where you will see all the steps and payment options beforehand.


If you are lucky enough, you might catch sales on the site, and manage to get great deals on Most of those deals give you the first 6 months free if you choose the ‘12 Month Membership’. Keep a lookout for the deals, before you make a decision.


Once you get to the signing up page, first you will have to enter your email address, and choose a password, make sure to remember your password, so you don’t lose your account with After you have entered your information, all there is left to do is choose a payment plan. There are four different plans, starting from the ‘1 Month Membership’ gives you the option to stream movies only, for $9.95 a month. If you don’t cancel your subscription before the month is up, your membership will continue on, and you will be billed for the new month.


If you like commitment, then you can choose between the ‘3 Month Membership’ and the ‘12 Month Membership’. The ‘3 Month Membership’ gives you access to the site, and lets you download movies to watch offline, with a daily limit. With this plan, you will be billed tri-monthly, and you will be paying $24.95 for the whole 90 days. The ‘12 Month Membership’ bills you in one payment, 365 days after you have made an account, and the price of the yearly subscription is $59.95.


The last option is an upgrade to your account. Here you can switch to premium membership with Team Skeet, and you get access to a lot of premium channels, with only one account. You get early access to future series and unlimited downloads. This membership bills you every 365 days, and for a dollar a day, you will pay $365 for the full year of perks.




Smoking hot and naughty teen hotties have been hiding away from you, and you have finally found them, here at This site is dedicated to bringing you dirty movies that will put your wet dreams to shame. Here you can watch porn movies starring gorgeous teen girls, and watch them beg and seduce their stepdads to bang them into the next week. These teen cuties are tired of boring guys their own age, and they need an older and experienced cock to show them the ropes. If you are up for taking on the dad role and keeping the affairs a secret, then is perfect for you. Pick your subscription method, and check out all the movies now!

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