Anonfiles review



Anonfiles - What is it? It is a way to upload your files anonymously and host them on a super quick servers that Anonfiles offers for free! When you sign up you get unlimited bandwidth and 20gb's right when you sign up and you don't even need to sign up you can just drag and drop files as soon as you get to the site. However you can register and get the 20gb right away for free! Crazy right? I actually love using Anonfiles and Cyberdrop because of the fast servers and free unlimited bandwidth. 

is this the best place to upload your onlyfans model leaks? it depends on what you like and how you like to download files etc.. Anonfiles, does not offer very good browsing or download abilities. Which I would say is the only drawback to their service. Other services like Mega have everything you need with amazing browsing and user interface but they are cucks and will delete all your files even if you are a paid member. 

If you're looking to get into the premium section or get some free points on an onlyfans leak discord server or an onlyfans leaks forum, then anonfiles is your best option for fast upload and a quick way to share them on the forums or discord to get access to the rest of the onlyfans leaks!

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dark Theme
  • Anonymous
  • Horrible file browser
  • Pain to download