Caroline Zalog review

Caroline Zalog

Caroline Zalog

This is a review of Caroline Zalog’s Onlyfans Account. We will take a deep dive into her Onlyfans account and see if its worth paying the monthly fee to gain access. We do know Caroline has a patreon but we will just be focusing on her Onlyfans account

Caroline Zalog has over 700k Instagram followers. She started from posting “haul” videos on her youtube channel. Once she started doing try on haul’s she sky rocketed in subscriber counts and went on to making an instagram account that took off and within a few months had over 100k followers on her account.

Shortly after she started selling premium content on her patreon. She seems to have done decently well but now that Onlyfans has started started and pretty much knocked patreon out of the loop. She has started an onlyfans and is uploading and selling weekly content.

As far as onlyfans go, Caroline’s is pretty expensive at $21 dollars a month. However, unlike most girls. She does not do the 2nd tier paywall. If you’re not familiar, onlyfans hustle is a two part hustle. Get you to pay the monthly then charge for each individual video. I think that’s where Caroline does the consumer right. We might be creeps but we don’t wanna spend too much on a nut. That being said, she is a classy chick, she mostly does super skimpy try on hauls but you wont see her pussy or tits or anything (at least not full on). She will have a pussy slip and tit slip here and there. Which honestly is super fucking hot because when it happens you get your tiny little dick out to jerk it.

All in all, I honestly think for what Caroline Zalog does, her onlyfans is actually worth it. Yeah its not porn but its still hot and she is retard hot. If you have the money buy it but if you’re looking for a ton of nasty content to jerk too, then skip it.

  • She Is Really Hot
  • No Nudes
  • Won't Reply To Dm's