itslaurendotcom review



We will be reviewing the instagram model Itslaurendotcom onlyfans profile, what you get from subscribing and what you can expect when you do subscribe. If you want to follow her you can go to her instagram here.

As of writing this article Lauren is knocking on the door of hitting 1 million instagram followers at 960k followers. She is known for her tattoo’s and perfect body. Her real name is Lauren Houldsworth and was born in London England. She has that hot little posh English accent. She is 29 years old and is about to hit 30 year olds and is the Scorpio sign. Enough of this boring shit lets get into the onlyfans.

Right now she is asking for $21 dollars to get access to her account. When you subscribe you get 320 text posts,217 photo’s and 105 videos. Sounds good right? however its not all tits and pussy videos. The majority of the content is model’ish type stuff and promoting other models like here. She is pretty conservative with the content she puts out, which is crazy because she used to do full porn videos on cam streams not that long ago. However she is spending a lot of time trying to get all those videos and cam down.

  • Hot
  • Tattoos
  • Decent Amount Of Content
  • Expensive For What You Get
  • More Pictures Than Video