Trisha Paytas review

Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas

We will be reviewing Trisha Paytas Onlyfans Page. If you’re not fimilar with the popular youtuber/vlogger/social media personality, then ill give you a quick over view. Trisha Paytas came to popularity on her youtube channel where she is her self from vlogs to music videos to drama and just basically click baiting. She came out as trans female to male here. She was also dating Jason Nash, from David Dobrik’s famous “vlog squad”. Get her onlyfans here.

Trisha Paytas has gained over 2.3 million on instagram and around 10 million give or take across all platforms. She also drives a bright pink Mercedes G Wagon. I guess that tells you that she is doing pretty well. Just like all the other thot’s recently , she jumped full into the onlyfans wagon and is turning full pornstar. She recently did a lesbian porn video on her onlyfans with Lena The Plug another youtuber. It looks like she is ditching her audience of young pre-teen girls for all male porn dudes. If you look at her twitter, everyone is basically disgusted by her doing onlyfans.

The Comments are actually hilarious. You need to peep that shit out. Anyway lets get back to the review. She does the same bating and making you pay just to be able to get to the 2nd tier paywall to buy the full videos. The only difference is, she makes a TON of content. If you’re looking just to get tons of content out of super thicc white girl like her, then honestly its worth it. Her asshole is crazy brown though and man her tits are fucked up. Almost as bad as Mia Khalifa’s. Like someone legit shot these tits off with a 50 cal and then put them back together while sippin lean.

Honestly its hard to rate her onlyfans because she’s kinda disgusting but 100% would fuck. She has a couple hemeroids on her asshole so if you’re into anal and stuff then its a hard pass. However she’s super thicc. I dunno man Its only $5 to get access to pay $20 a video lol.

  • Big Tits
  • Squirts
  • Anal
  • Cream Pie
  • 2nd Tier Pay Wall
  • She Leaves Toiler Paper In Her Asshole & Pussy
  • Tits Are Weird