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Natalia Mogollon (born: January 10, 1988 age 34, 1 much better recognized online as Alinity, is a Colombian Twitch banner and YouTuber known for playing video games such as Wow as well as Peak Legends.


Alinity began streaming on Twitch in December 2012 and also uploaded her very first YouTube video clip in April 2013. She is known for streaming Apex Legends. Considering that March 3 2021 she has beginning to make cooking associated material

Personal life

She has a younger sibling named Valentina Mogollon, as well as one bro. She has two pet cats called Maya and also Milo. She has 2 dogs too. She has additionally worked as a registered nurse for over 4 years while holding a nursing degree from the College of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Conflicts - Copyright-Striking PewDiePie

In May 2018, Alinity asked her stream if she might copyright-strike PewDiePie's network for calling her a Twitch thot. She also flaunts about making 700 bucks she would certainly made with a business recognized for copyright-striking YouTube videos called CollabDRM. In a later-deleted Twitter declaration made by Alinity, she 'd condemned the 'widespread sexism in on the internet areas' and also suggested that PewDiePie's remarks degraded women.

After that, PewDiePie responds with a video clip labelled 'Can we copyright-strike Pewdiepie' where he apologizes for insulting her, as well as says that his intent is never to upset individuals with his video clips, as well as 'foolish Twitch Thots' was simply a joke. PewDiePie's video did get copyright-striked.

After that, Alinity launched her video clip feedback condemning CollabDRM for removing PewDiePie's video. Right after, Alinity's video reaction was removed by a person who nicknamed themselves as 'Pewdiepie' for the takedown, it wasn't actually PewDiePie. The incorrect strike was removed.

A few days later, PewDiePie brought out a video entitled 'BAN PEWDIEPIE' where he slams Alinity's content and also states 'I didn't say anything up until I was compelled to protect myself. It was the net that followed Alinity for her bad option of activity and poor option of words. Showing that back on me as well as my community is simply absurd. She maintains playing the sufferer, due to the fact that she keeps escaping it. Shiver has revealed a prejudice with women streamers for a very long time. Quit streaming for a couple of days due to the fact that you're not making the situation much better.'

In July 2020, Alinity was talked to by Dr. K from HealthyGamerGG [4] where she says that her and also PewDiePie get on excellent terms currently. PewDiePie responded to the interview on a livestream saying that he does not care if him and also Alinity on good terms, but as long as she's owning up to her previous mistakes, she's fine. The conflict bordering both came up once again on a Reddit message in September 2020 where PewDiePie observed on it claiming that she messaged him privately to settle their beef. He also informs individuals to stop bringing this event up due to the fact that it took place years ago.

Abusing her pet cat

In 2019, Alinity was charged of mistreating her pet dogs, most notably her cat. Once on stream, customers saw her throwing her feline from her shoulder. She has resolved the circumstance by saying that she didn't in fact throw the feline, she attempted to place the cat in addition to her chair, but the cat dropped.

Feeding her cat vodka

An old clip from her stream showed up where she allegedly fed her pet cat vodka. She has stated that the pet cat was the one who licked her lips. She has also said that she made use of to feed the pet cat from her own mouth, which she was drunk back then so there's no reasons.

N word

She presumably claimed the N word on stream before in August 2019. Some individuals defended her mentioning that this is due to her accent making a sound comparable to 'Nick your' not actually the word.

Nip Slip

In April 2020 during stream, Alinity tried to fit a cushion under her t shirt when she accidentally pulls it up instead as well as exposes her left nipple for an instant. Many individuals were disturbed as a result of this habits and asked for her to be banned. The Twitch team really did not take any activity until she asked herself. She returned back to the system a couple of days later.

Marital relationship scams

In May 2018, she admits that she wed a Canadian and then separated him for citizenship to return to Colombia. However, she rejects to react to any kind of criticism provided because of this.

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