Gracie Waifu review

Gracie Waifu

Gracie Waifu

This is a review of the twitch streamer and cosplayer Gracie Waifu. Gracie has a huge following on every platform but mostly on her instagram . Across all of her platforms she has around 2.5 – 3 million followers. We are hear to review and let you guys know what you get from subscribing to her onlyfans and if its worth the buy.

I am sure you’re here because you’re sitting there wondering if you should invest the money to jack off to her onlyfans but don’t want to be scammed if their is no nudes. That is a very common concern as these hoe’s are for the most part all scammers. I subscribed to her onlyfans to answer all these questions for you. Gracie at the very bottom of her onlyfans bio and under the wack ass little copyright paragraph she writes this.

I am completely naked (no clothes or nipple stickers) although do not expect to see open vagina or nipples

So that should tell you everything, by putting that at the bottom and hidden in her bio show’s that she needs to make you think she gets nudes so you subscribe and its not cheap to look at tease pictures and videos.

Gracie is asking $15 dollars a month to get access to her feed of onlyfans videos and pictures. While I was subscribed she did post A LOT! usually at least once maybe more. However, the stuff she posted was really short videos, weird trying to twerk videos and a lot of stuff teasing to show her nipples. There is actually a bunch of the leaks here, just search her name. You will see the peak of what she offers there. All and all, this is not worth the price let alone the content you get. Once you are subscribed for a few days you will want to end your subscription. Just wait for the leaks and make sure if you’re going to simp for these thots, that its worth it.

  • Twitch Streamer
  • Started Posting Nudes
  • Thicc
  • Has A Nice Ass
  • She Needs To Hit The Gym
  • Boring Content
  • Does Not Post Much
  • Expensive