Cincinbear review



We will be reviewing Cincinbear from twitch, onlyfans account to see if its worth the buy and what type of content you get when you do. We subscribe and pay for all the top thots so you don’t have to pay to find out you’ve been bait and switched. If you don’t know who Cin is, you can check out her instagram here and her onlyfans here.

You can see she has changed her name on her instagram to Cinthya_Alicea or whatever but we will still be calling her Cincinbear, ok so who is she? She got kinda famous for being a pretty cute little twitch thot, like most of these twitch thot’s who end up starting an onlyfans, they get the attention from all the little simps and all these donations and they get addicted. They start posting panties pictures or bathing suit pics and see the likes etc.. and get mad addicted to it. They eventually start a patreon for shitty cosplay and bikini pics but its too much worth to send out all the prizes so they hop on to onlyfans. They do the same thing as they did on patreon but now people are paying more and more for nastier shit and sooner or later she’s spreading her ass for $15 video thats in your inbox. This is the tale as old as 2016 and its becoming more and more everyday.

I bought a few videos and stay subscribed to her for about 5 months. It started as just normal tease pictures and stuff that she posted not very offten but eventually she started posting some really good stuff, like pussy teasing and teasing her big fat tits and showing off her cute little ass all the time. She is pretty hot, the skin around her pussy and asshole is kinda dark but whatever id suck a turd out that ass with a straw. The content however was never good enough to keep me subbed any longer. The videos were all major tease and she makes it pretty clear she wont ever do more. However I think that’s a lie. I would have stayed subbed but I gotta buy all these other girls videos for you guys.

I think with in the next 6 months to a year she will be doing very hardcore videos so for the lucky bastard who stays subbed hit us up and send us the video. I suggest subbing to her. 8/10

  • Twitch Streamer
  • Fat Ass
  • Cheap Price
  • 2nd Tier Pay Wall
  • Not Much Content
  • No Nudes