Pirat.io review



Protect yourself from pirates that want your content 

Being a content creator on the internet was quite a breeze in the earlier days of the internet when not that many people had access to it, and when distributing content around was more difficult than it is today. Nowadays you have to be very careful and you need some kind of protection when it comes to the content you post or livestream, as a pirate can easily steal it and post it as their own and basically steal the potential income from you. 

What can you expect from pirat.io? 

If you discovered that your content is being pirated, or it has the potential to be pirated, which pretty much any kind of content does, then pirat.io has a couple of services that might be interesting to you. Their services focus on stopping all piracy from the source, which will boost your sales, they will monitor the internet for pirated copies of your content, as well as automatically and manually verify infringing content. 

Automated DMCA takedown service 

If you decide to subscribe to one of the plans that pirat.io offers, which will be discussed a bit later, you can expect them to monitor the content 24/7 with advanced AI algorithms which are then checked manually in order to verify that the content is indeed illegal. You will also be immediately notified about this. 

The DMCA take-down methods that pirat.io uses ensures that your content will be removed from warez forums, filehosts, torrents, as well as piracy websites. Social media mentions can also be taken down if you make a request for that. 

Available plans 

It is possible to subscribe on a monthly and yearly basis for three individual plans. No matter which plan you choose for a yearly subscription, you will get one month free of charge. Of course, pirat.io also gives an option where they will give you the money back if you are not satisfied with their services within the first 30 days. 

The basic plan offers protection to a single product, daily scans, bi-daily takedown requests, up to 100 notifications for takedowns, removal from popular search engines, and a human review and verification for all of the detections that the AI finds. 

The premium plan offers protection of up to four different products, scans every six hours, daily takedown requests, up to 400 notifications for takedowns, as well as removal from search engines and human verifications. 

The plan with most options is the custom plan, which offers protection to an unlimited number of products, hourly scans, daily DMCA takedown requests, unlimited notifications for takedowns, removal from search engines, human verification, and torrent and p2p monitoring which will reclaim all the revenue you lose through this illegal method of file sharing. 

In general, the custom plan is certainly the best option out there, as gaining the lost revenue can be quite huge, especially if a lot of your content is being shared through peer-to-peer methods. For the pricing, you will have to contact pirat.io yourself, which is a bit of an odd approach. 

  • Great Support
  • Skype Chat Support
  • Well designed Site
  • Way too expensive