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Take Down Piracy

TakedownPiracy! Just how infuriating is it to discover that your web content is obtaining pirated as well as distributed without your permission? It's the equivalent of a person splitting into your business as well as stealing the condoms as well as sex playthings out of the vending maker. Except when you ultimately restore the things, they hop right back in as well as swipe all of it over again! While you might be making on your various other things, you are still shedding a spunk lots on the products that are taken.

It's the same reasoning behind the piracy of your material. Despite the fact that you might be turning a profit on the various other material that you are offering and/or from the advertising and marketing cash money you are earning from site visitors, you are still shedding profits! Your adult brand is not running as efficiently as maybe; in these instances, it's time to call a specialist like Takedown Piracy.

The specialists recognize a point or 2 regarding combating against piracy. No matter what sort of content or copyrights that you need them to fight against, merely connect and see what they can do for you. You can lean on their proficiency too, as they have a fuck load of experience aiding brand names just like you to safeguard what is rightfully theirs for several years.

Over ten years of experience

When you are picking a specialist that comprehends the importance of securing your adult brand name against piracy and, allow's call it what it is, thievery, they are not all developed just as. Any foolish fuck with a law level can inform you that they will deal with versus piracy for you, yet the number of them actually recognize how to do it? Additionally, the amount of specialists agree to do whatever it requires to guarantee that your brand name does not fall target to shed revenues as a result of piracy?

I can not represent all of them, but not every one of them have the same quantity of experience as Takedown Piracy. This firm has actually fought for content creators just like you for over ten years, imposing copyrights and ensuring that developer's rights are recognized. They comprehend that piracy costs real-world cash, as well as it's never a victimless criminal activity. They recognize what it takes to take the fight to pirates as well as burglars, and that's why they have such an outstanding performance history of battling versus piracy across all industries as well as specific niches.

Takedown Piracy does not contain a lot of old fart investigatives being in a boiler room wearing raincoat. They do not have a large map showing every circumstances of piracy as pertaining to your brand name, neither do they have multiplying glasses that in some way lets them find piracy less complicated. They use cutting edge innovation to identify pirated content when it occurs, after that take the needed actions to correct the situation.

Reduced over 122 million pirated pieces of material

Believe it or otherwise, but locating pirated material and showing who the culprit is can take a great deal of time and effort. Even though we are told that everything we do leaves a digital route, confirming that a person purposely pirated your material can be pretty fucking complicated. Thankfully for grown-up brand names like yours, Takedown Piracy does not discover this type of investigator job challenging in any way. That's because they benefit from outstanding devices that enable them to locate piracy, quit it, and also most significantly, ensure that you do not shed anymore profits than you have actually been.

One of the manner ins which Takedown Piracy stops piracy on your behalf is by utilizing their Digital Fingerprinting innovation. Utilizing this tool, they have been able to lower over 122-million instances of piracy to day! This is since they have the deluxe of scanning over 120 of the most significant tube websites on the internet.

But that isn't where the benefits quit. Takedown Piracy additionally evaluates thousands of data storage lockers, torrent sites, blogs, discussion forums, therefore far more. In an effort to discover straight URLs that can be used to download and pirate your content, they aim to track this spunk down as well as quit it in its tracks.

Utilizing their program called Nemesis, Takedown Piracy can pursue and solve your piracy concerns prior to they begin costing you big bucks. And I get it. Other anti-piracy groups out there make use of electronic fingerprinting modern technology to locate as well as fight against piracy. Yet, this is simply one aspect as to exactly how Takedown Piracy fights back versus piracy and also benefits you!

Insurance claim to utilize AI to capture pirated web content

The devices for capturing piracy are transforming. Similarly, the capability to capture pirates is likewise obtaining harder. It's an ever-evolving connection between pirates and those seeking to bring them to justice. The latest battle against piracy is heading into the world of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as Takedown Piracy exists to use this most recent advancement to defend your adult brand.

By using AI innovations, they are able to develop automated collections, trailer generations, and also beyond. This helps them to discover the pirated web content. From there, they can do their part to have it eliminated, so you do not suffer the ramifications any kind of longer.

Participant of Google's Relied on Content Elimination Program

If you have actually found yourself flaring at night trying to identify exactly how to remove pirated web content, you most likely understand that any person can do this. But it takes somebody who really understands what the fuck they are doing to do it correctly. It additionally takes someone who is experienced to be trusted by the largest search engine in the whole goddamn galaxy.

Takedown Piracy is a member of Google's Relied on Content Removal Program. This indicates that Google undoubtedly depends on them and their experience. To that end, that means you can trust them as well to properly locate as well as remove your pirated web content whenever they find it. As well as since they use specialized devices like their very own digital fingerprint device, Bane, and also artificial fucking knowledge, chances are they are going to have the ability to capture the kids of bitches that are pirating your web content.

Gets rid of revenge porn and also non-consensual DeepFakes

Takedown Piracy removes various other type of children of bitches, particularly those that post vengeance pornography and also DeepFakes without one's permission. Utilizing a program called Operate Minerva, Takedown Piracy finger prints the porn video clip concerned, removes it, and submits the correct documents to have your day in court. Not only do they assist you to obtain the web content down so no one else can see it, however they likewise help you to make sure that these assholes are taken to court.

I assume you are an adult webmaster with some goddamn taste. So I do not need to tell you that this type of bullshit is not just dishonest, however it's downright fucking illegal. It's good to know that Takedown Piracy does not simply respect securing its clients monetarily. They also want them to right the wrongs of those that victimized them, even if it's as terrible as seeing yourself transposed on a hirsute bitch obtaining eaten out by Ron Jeremy in the 70s. My God, any individual that would subject the world to that is worthy of to go to court.

Collaboration with ClipSentry secures material on clip websites

You don't have to have your very own site or own porn collection just to be able to offer your content. Fantastic performers earn a living marketing their material to clip internet sites. And the more niche, the higher some of these performers make. If you are such an entertainer and you don't want your content to be pirated and also distributed without your authorization, you require to do something concerning it. Begin; those are earnings you are shedding!

The Good News Is, Takedown Piracy has partnered with ClipSentry to discover and eliminate pirated material. It's a task that is specifically for clip websites, since these types of sites obviously take a various kind of toolset to be able to quickly as well as successfully determine upseting web content. Once the pirates are located, you can be ensured that Takedown Piracy works its magic to make sure they understand the ramifications of what occurs if they do it once more.

Essentially, Takedown Piracy kicks the crooks in the spheres, trembles their fists, as well as chews out them to obtain the fuck off your lawn. They'll understand not to spread your pirated material the following time around. If they do, it goes to their own detriment. May God have mercy on their hearts because Takedown Piracy will certainly not! Now that's my type of anti-piracy group!


Takedown Piracy is an anti-piracy team that appears to do it all. Using specific techniques like AI-powered tools as well as digital finger prints to discover pirated material to placing the smackdown on vengeance porn/non-consensual DeepFakes, Takedown Piracy produces a method to eliminate the upseting web content before it can do any more damage. There needs to be details on the website concerning just how much it all prices monthly, however.

  • Decent Service
  • Pretty Aggressive With content Removal
  • Horrible looking site
  • Way to expensive
  • They do not follow up