CamCaps review



Experience Webcams Through Some Forums 

Live webcams are one of the best ways to enjoy the content, but what should you do when your favorite model is offline? CamCaps has you covered in that area, as it is a forum dedicated to live webcams. If you have some experience with forums, then this will feel very familiar, but if not, it will certainly be a new unique experience. 

Bit difficult to browse 

Upon visiting this site, you will certainly have some trouble navigating through it. While you are greeted with a video that claims that it is the biggest webcam-related site out there, finding the content related to webcams is actually quite difficult. Sure, there is a “webcams” button in the search, but it links to a clone of Chaturbate. 

Forums are a bit of a mess 

Two things make forums a great place. The first, and the most important thing when it comes to forums in the community, and the second is organization. While CamCaps definitely seems to have a big community to keep the forums alive, when it comes to the organization, it is a bit of a mess. Getting used to where is what will take a bit of time, and while it is a nice experience once you get to that point, nobody is a fan of needing training wheels to browse adult content. 

There are many dead sections 

Considering the site is a couple of years old, one would not expect certain links to lead to a dead end. Unfortunately, that is the case, which can be quite frustrating, as you can never be sure which part of the site works, and which one does not. 

Registering and becoming a part of the community is free 

To get permission to post on the forums and explore areas that are for members only, you will have to register. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you have to use your real e-mail, as you will be asked to confirm it before you finish the registration process. 

While it is nice that registering is free, which it should be considering how messy the site is, certain areas are for premium members only. This is where the juiciest content lies, and to get access to premium sections of the forums, it will cost you $20 for a yearly membership. There are no other membership options but a yearly membership. 

Premium content covers certain niches 

If you are into voyeur cams, then getting a premium membership might be exactly what you are looking for, as it focuses on providing such an experience. You will get access to some cameras placed in random areas and apartments, where the residents might or might not be aware of them. 

Besides that, you will also get access to some standard live webcam sex video content, like previous broadcasts from some cam sites. In general, CamCaps is quite an odd site, and it is probably for ones who are looking for a specific experience. 

  • Amazing Forum
  • Mostly Voyeur Cams
  • Could be better