We will be reviewing one of the top Onlyfans Thots and massively popular instagram thot “Francia “Francety” James”. She has over 4.8 million instagram followers and around 10 million on all her platforms combined. Now just do the math in your head. Yeah this bitch makes mad money. She does porn so lets dig in and see what you’re getting by subscribing to her onlyfans page. Get her onlyfans video leaks here.

Like the all the other thots before her. She will bait you in to her Onlyfans by placing a modest number of $7.00 to join her onlyfans. The sales pitch is always about getting the premium content for $7. Although there is another layer of pay wall but we will get to that. Once you put in all your card details and have your little dick in your hand and ready to jack. You will start scrolling down her page to look for the porn videos she has recently posted. Well get fucked, because every video on her timeline is a 10-20 seconds teaser video for the longer length one that is in your inbox for $15+ dollars.

Sure yeah she posts a lot of nude pictures but after a few, you get kind of burned out. Unless you’re obsessed with her. She has the usual instagram thot body. However she works out a lot. She is one solid muscle. I am not into super muscular chicks so to be its whatever and her pussy is mad big. Sorry I am getting off topic.

She does post some really hardcore stuff, like sucking dick, taking it in the ass and fucking girls. But just like the other thots, you have to pay a pretty penny. Is her onlyfans worth it? No, just wait for the leaks to come out.

  • Tons of Content
  • Cheap $5
  • Pay Per View
  • 2nd Tier Pay Wall
  • Scam
  • Barely Updates