Jem Wolfie review

Jem Wolfie

Jem Wolfie

Jem Wolfie, the super thicc australian thot from instagram. Went to the dark side or “thot” side, and made an onlyfans account. Get all of her onlyfans video and gallery leaks here. I am sure anyone who goes to check out this babe and her massive milkies, is always wondering “whats behind the paywall? does she show those massive milkies or what?”. I am here to answer that question for you. I subscribe to these thots so you don’t have too.

As you can see above, I was subscribed to her for six months! That’s a pretty long to simp for some chick for on onlyfans. I had to see if she would ever post actually pussy spread or asshole spreads or something good. Not just boring modeling on the beach pictures. The girl is mad pretty, has a killed body, Huge tits. Super thicc and an Australian accent. She’s thicc but good thicc, she play’s a lot of sports and honestly just looks like she would be fun to kick it with besides wanting to stick your penis everywhere it can go.

So, what do you get by subscribing to Jem Wolfies Onlyfan’s Account? Well you get a ton of modeling pictures where she teases you like crazy. You wont get too much of what you actually want. She will posts a ton of pictures bending over and showing her ass and pussy in a super tight thong. Where you can see her camel toe and sometimes the brown skin from her butt hole but honestly that’s all you will see on her time line. That will cost you $5 for 30 days. Here is the rest of her prices.

Now these prices only you get you through the first paywall and you will get what I have written above. Now the 2nd tier paywall, what do you get? To be honest I did simp and buy 2 videos from her and they were honestly. More of the same. She did however have one with her tits out and jumping around and that was awesome. (its on a couple sites on the main page). I will say though, I couldn’t fap to it. I wanted more. I needed more. After 6 months of waiting I have to cancel. The girl is beautiful but I cant keep paying month after month for just being teased. Apparently she is the number 1 onlyfans creator now but I hope some day before she gets too old and those titties start looking way too long. We will get some pussy play content or something worth handing over that type of money month after month.

  • Big Tits
  • Thicc
  • Nice Ass
  • Cheap
  • No Nudes
  • Lots of teasing
  • Never Shows Pussy
  • No Masturbation
  • Boring