Oh how have the mighty have fallen, Kaylen Ward is the perfect case study for any thot going to go into selling their pussy online, to know what they are in for. Obviously Kaylen Ward is the top 1% of the 1% of onlyfans whores, to be a meme, go viral for his get naked for Australia thing. I never hear anyone wanting her porn videos anymore. Not too mention but her onlyfans is 100% a scam, you are paying $15 a month to get some lame pictures every few days and one full video a month!

Onlyfans the breakout paid social network is making thots online a ton of money. Those of you who are not simps and are just curious to become a simp and wondering if Kaylen Ward’s Onlyfans is worth the $15 a month I got you covered.

The Onlyfans game goes like this. Make “simp” pay “x” for access and then charge “simp” an extra “x” to get the “premium premium content”. The “premium premium” content comes in the form of private messages that the thot can send out in mass. The thot then can put a price on said content and so you’re paying the $15 a month already but if you want the good shit its behind a second layer pay wall.

Kaylen Ward is no acception to this thottery. I actually think she is the number one thot on the onlyfans thotwork. She will post lewds and nude photo’s but thats whatever we want to see her get her back blown out and some anal and check out that mole on her asshole. Yeah all that is behind the 2nd layer paywall and its pretty expensive $25 – $45 dollars for each one of those videos. The rest of her feed is just spamming other onlyfans thots that pay her to advertise to her followers.

Is it worth it? No just find the daily leaks that come out from the simps who do pay.

  • She is hot
  • Perfect Pussy
  • Scam
  • Never posts
  • 1 video a month
  • Spam On timeline