Campsite.Bio review



Improve your Instagram marketing with Campsite 

While Instagram is definitely a fantastic platform that is used by millions of users all around the world every day, certain things hold back potential page holders who would like to expand their business through this social media platform. 

With, you can take advantage of one thing that Instagram really does badly, which is the link limit in the bio. What this service essentially does is take the customer to a page where they will get to see more of what you have to offer, technically a mini-site. 

The site looks like a kick-starter 

While we are somewhat fans of sites that do not fluff the content, they are offering when it comes to, it looks like a Kickstarter page that is actually not a Kickstarter. The way it shows which features are available is done alright, but it feels like they are hyperbolized just so the users would give this service a shot. 

How does it work? 

By creating an account at, you will get to choose a pricing plan, which we will talk about later, and then you will get to create a page where the link you put in your bio will take the users who visit your Instagram page and click the link. Of course, this link can be used on any other social media platform as well, but it is mainly intended for Instagram. 

Plans and pricing 

There is a free plan and a paid one, and the difference between the two is actually quite significant. With the free plan, you will get access to making a fast bio link that is meant for conversations, you can link to as many places as you want with unlimited links, get access to advanced customization that will help give identity to your brand, and you can also embed video content right on your campsite profile. 

The free plan already sounds great, does it not? Well, the Pro plan which costs $7 per month adds even more amazing features on top of these, and considering the low subscription price, it is definitely worth it. For starters, you will get access to creating various link types, such as a stackable feed link which keeps the content fresh, premium integrations that will help you learn more about your audience, and tracking of various sorts. 

It is possible to try out the Pro plan for 10 days, which is more than enough to see if it is having a positive enough impact on the people that visit your Instagram page and if it increases your revenue enough to make the subscription worth it. You can also cancel the subscription at any time, which is great if you do not find the service being enough for your needs. 


When it comes to, it is a fantastic service for anyone who wants to give their new branding a stronger image, and it is more than enough for you to get into the marketing business on Instagram. It stands strong next to the competitors that offer similar deals, as their prices tend to be much higher. 

  • Great Support
  • Well Designed
  • Cool unique options
  • $$$