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Get in touch with your followers with Contactinbio 

Anyone who has some kind of following on various social media platforms probably knows how time-consuming it is to keep track of where you posted your newly created content or important news, or where you answered your fans. With, you can easily manage all of your social media in a single place with ease, which is something that every online creator will appreciate. 

Very traditional homepage 

The homepage of ConctactInBio is a perfect example of the “if it is not broken, do not fix it” saying because it uses the traditional “all info on the homepage” scrolling style. If you are not sure what the service is about, you can easily give a quick scroll through the homepage, and you will get all the information necessary, without any fluff. 

What services are offered? 

While the name is honestly not that great, ContactInBio offers a plethora of useful features that will make social media management a breeze. For starters, you get the ability to link to multiple social media platforms at once, which will save you a significant amount of time, especially if you post multiple times a day. 

This service offers as its highlight is that a single link in your bio could actually be used as multiple other links that can take users to videos, texts, images, and more. Another quite neat feature is the ability to have multiple messengers at once place is really useful. 

The service expands over 105 social media platforms. Most popular ones like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram are included of course, and to be honest, I did not even know there are that many social media platforms, but it is nice that they are all supported. 

If you happen to be running some kind of store that is advertised through social media, then ContactInBio will help you out by managing payment links and advertising with the previously mentioned “multilink” feature. 

Available plans 

When it comes to available plans, there is a total of three available plans. One of them is completely free, while the two other plans are either a paid subscription on a monthly or yearly basis, but there is a possibility for a one-time purchase which will last for a lifetime as well. 

The free plan will allow you to use all the core features that were mentioned above such as importing links from Linktree, various social media buttons, music services, font selection, various themes, some customization, and link sharing. Considering that it is free, you can do a lot with it if combined with free membership of similar services. 

The paid business subscription costs $7 per month or $91 for a lifetime, while the agency package costs $28 per month and $273 for a lifetime with the only difference being that the agency package gives 5 accounts to manage. The paid subscription gets you everything from the free tier, including extra customization and some quality of life features such as removing “ContacInBio” from your page. 

Overall, this service is great for anyone who can take advantage of it through multiple social media platforms, as it will not only make you closer with your audience or customers, but it will also save you a bunch of time. 

  • Tons of options
  • Customized Service
  • Very Fast Servers
  • $$$