Manylink review



One link to all problems with Many Link 

If you ever wished that you had a single link that would take your audience to a place where they can get all the information that you want them to get, then may be the exact thing you are looking for, but at the cost of a default design. 

Forced registration 

Something that nobody likes is when the homepage is completely lacking any kind of detail about what the site is about, besides a single line of text and a “register here” button, which is exactly what has. Being forced to register before you can see what features the site offers is quite annoying, but luckily you do not have to verify your e-mail to get a glance at the features. 

You still are required to use a valid e-mail to verify your account which is a bit too much today, especially when you consider that it can take quite a while for the confirmation e-mail to actually arrive at your address, like it is being sent manually and not by an automated system. 

What is the service really? 

By registering on, you will get to create a profile like it was mentioned above. Once you create a profile, you will get a universal link that will take whoever clicks it to your profile on, and it will let them see all the links you made available to the public. 

While this feature can be quite useful in some cases, the way the page with links looks is horrible. It looks very outdated, and it does not look like something a legitimate business would use. Of course, you have to take in the fact that this service is completely free and that there are some services which will charge you for the same thing. 

It is generally an online portfolio 

Since the page allows you to link to is filled with various links as well as your profile picture and other social media, you can technically use it to simply redirect followers from one social media to another, as well as advertise some kind of promotions on one place. 

While this seems like a great feature at first, one thing this does not do like its competitors allows you to post it on all the sites at the same time, but instead, you have to use one link which will be set somewhere where it is always visible as you will be updating it all the time. It does kind of save time, but it comes at the price of aesthetics to your followers, which is sometimes not a good trade. 

Many Link is a great site for those who can take an advantage of it, but it is advised to look out for a service that offers additional features besides keeping all links in a single place. There are various competitors with free plans that come with certain limits and paid plans which offer many features that could help your brand grow. 

  • Easy to set up
  • Very Basic
  • Simple
  • None