Tap.Bio review



Upgrade your Instagram bio with Tap Bio 

There are quite a lot of services that help you market your products on social media, and tap.bio is yet another one of those. Compared to similar services, it is quite limited when it comes to the features that it offers, but it is completely free, and thus there is probably someone who can take an advantage of it. 

Horrible homepage 

While it might seem clever to make the homepage look like the service they are providing, it actually looks so unprofessional, and it looks like an ad... which it essentially is. There are no navigation buttons like you would expect from a regular site, but instead, there is just a single card through which you can scroll with some arrows. 

In essence, the homepage does give away pretty much everything you can do with the service, but it could have been done better since I am sure that a lot of people would just go somewhere else that provides this type of service and more when they see the homepage. 

Registration is required 

Many other services that work similarly will let you test the features out by just creating a link without registering for a free account, and usually, when you register, you are not required to confirm things via e-mail, which you are with tap.bio. In fact, not only that you are required to open the confirmation e-mail, but also type in a code instead of just clicking a link. For a site that is about linking, that is a bit disappointing. 

Quick tutorial upon register 

As soon as you register and create an account, you will get a quick tutorial on how the service works and how you can take an advantage of it. You simply add a picture of your choice, and then some text over it which is essentially a link to the desired page. You can add multiple cards so the person that clicks on the tap.bio link in your Instagram profile can scroll through them at once, which is nice. 

Creating this kind of mini site could be very useful for some people, but there are services out there that do a very similar job with a lot of additional features. Of course, those services are not free, which is what makes a very strong case for tap.bio. 

Tap Bio does have a paid subscription, which allows you to create multiple cards, and not just one at a time. The silver plan allows 3 cards at once, and it costs $3 per month, the gold one is $8 per month and allows an unlimited number of cards.  

There are some useful features with tap.bio, but they are not really that mind-blowing, to be honest. Of course, since you do actually get a free month trial of a golden membership as soon as you finish the registration, you can check it out and see if it works out for you and not, as you got nothing to lose. 

  • Decent service
  • Tutorial
  • Designed really weird