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Linkin Profile

Linkin Profile

Add links to Instagram images with Link In Profile 

If you ever wanted to post an image of one of your products and then allow the viewer of your page to immediately get linked to a certain page as they click on that image, then is certainly something that might interest you. 

Sloppy website 

As you land on, you will notice that the homepage offers as little information as possible. It is quite hard to understand why they are hiding all the information behind the signing-up process, as this certainly repels a lot of people from our experience. The fact that the service’s name sounds so uncreative is also not helping the situation. 

What can you expect from this service? 

Well, unlike most services that work on this basis, this one is quite simple, and it does exactly what the name of the site implies. It helps you add links to certain posts on your Instagram profile, which will help you get your customers to the pages you desire much easier than making them look for the link in the description of the image or something similar. 

Free trial with a subscription later 

While the initial advertisement of the service seems quite lackluster, and one would not understand why there is a trial period, to begin with, upon getting to the pricing and plan page, things are a bit more clear. Upon registering on the site, you automatically begin your 30-day free trial, as you do not even have to put in your credit card information. 

Later, if you enjoy the services that the site offers, you will be required to pay for a subscription which costs $9.99 per month. The services on top of allowing you to put links that will take the visitor to a certain destination also provide you with a dedicated landing page, a branded landing page that looks like your Instagram profile, but it is actually not on Instagram. 

What makes this a bit tricky, is the fact that the users will get asked if they are sure about following the link that takes them to your other “Instagram page”, which will seem fishy to a lot of customers, and they will essentially just not click the link, unless they are familiar with this type of service. 

Since the trial period is very easy to access, as all you have to do is use a valid e-mail which you can use to confirm your newly created account, there is no actual reason to not experiment with the services that this site has to offer. While not everyone will be able to take an advantage of what the site offers, certain brands will grow a lot from if used correctly. 

In general, Link In Profile is a very simple service that is not really that original, but thanks to the free trial, it is certainly something that we would recommend trying out whether your brand is new or if it already has some kind of a following. 

  • Free
  • Ugly site
  • Horrible UI