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Loyalfans - gather your fans and start earning

Loyalfans is a premium social media fan club that allows influencers, artists, and public figures to gather their most loyal fans in one place and offer them unique content and thus earn an income. This platform is proud of its diversity policy and is a favorite in the LGBTQ community. It has long outgrown its camming beginnings (although this is still a big element of the site) and currently offers monthly premium. Indeed, https://www.loyalfans.com/ uses all the options to offer its creators easy profit. Some of the main features of this platform are:

·        Gender inclusivity - Loyalfans is a place where the authenticity of your identity is valued. Therefore, on this platform, you will find open-minded people who respect the equality and savety of their beloved creators.

·        It is one of the highest-paid cam / subscription sites - as much as 80% of the revenue from its content remains with you!

·        You have the opportunity to withdraw money twice a month - also, you have AHC and Wire Transfers and the minimum payout is $ 50.

·        Geo-block feature - as we have already mentioned, Loyalfans is very serious about your safety. That is why it has offered the ability to block any location and thus preserve your privacy.

With the onset of the pandemic, awareness has grown of the different ways you can earn from the comfort of your own home. One of those ways is becoming a Loyalfans model.

How to become a Loyalfans model?

First, you have to be 18 years old. This is very important, and if you do not meet this condition, you are not a suitable candidate for Loyalfans. But for all of you who meet this requirement, Loyalfans will ask you to provide a digital copy of your ID to verify your age and identity. In addition to this, depending on the content you want to create, you will need a good internet connection, a good webcam, and a computer if you want to dedicate yourself to camming. To create images or videos, you will need a better camera (it can be a phone or a professional camera) to offer the best possible quality.

Easy. Is not it? Of course, now you are interested in how you can make money on Loyalfans. Don't worry; we got you covered

Ways You Can Make Money On Loyalfans

·        Fanclub subscription - This is the main feature of the site. You can choose the price for the monthly fee, which can be from $ 1 to $ 50. It is one of the most profitable ways to earn money if you increase the number of your subscribers. They will not be able to access your content unless they pay a subscription fee. In addition to all this, you can also offer various promotions such as a free trial period for new subscribers or certain discounts.

·        Paid messaging - Many of your subscribers will want to communicate directly with you. That's why you can set a price for each incoming message.

·        Camming - although Loyalfans has evolved since its inception in camming days, it still offers this option. Remember that you need to get quality equipment if you decide to do this.

·        Loyalfans 'Referral Program- This is one of the great features of Loyalfans that can be used by all creators. You can earn an extra 5% of the revenue share generated by the referred member. If we talk about a model, you get a percentage of their sales, and if they're a regular member, you get a percentage of the purchases they complete on the website.

Loyalfans is one of the highest-paid adult-friendly networks as it pays as much as 80% of the revenue generated on its site, while the remaining 20% goes to affiliates, maintenance, research, and development etc. No other site can praise such a business policy!

If you are a lonely wolf, don’t worry Loyalfans got your back

If you're not confident because you've never done this job, don't worry. Not only will Loyal fans help you gain new followers, unlike other major platforms; every month, Loyalfans publishes the best porn actors and actresses on its page dedicated to top models, while a special page is dedicated to the latest models on the platform. Your visibility to new users will be secure, and increasing earnings are guaranteed.

Develop your brand with the help of additional tools offered by this platform

·        Widget Builder - set up a widget that can be placed on other sites. When people click on it, they will be redirected to your Loyalfans profile

·        Auto-tweeting - sync your Twitter account with Loyalfans, adjust the frequency of tweets and let the app do the rest.

·        Control over video previews - Loyalfans is constantly evolving with additional tools that make your marketing easier. One such example is this perfect feature. Preview the video, select a thumbnail, or display a locked icon for all users who are not yet your subscribers to tickle them with new content.

Leadership belongs to those who take it

All successful creators started just like this. It has never been easier to make money. Business thrives when both sides work for each other's benefit. That is why Loyalfans offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge with Loyalfans University. The Youtube channel will show you how the website works through a step-by-step visual explanation. Their transparency is an example of how a modern company should operate. You can contact them directly at any time via Twitter, and someone from the team will take care of your every question. If you are waiting for a sign to start your journey to success, this is it! Go to Loyalfans And start your dream career!


  • Mostly for LGBT
  • Great Design
  • Easy To Get Started
  • Mostly for LGBT