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Swame.com is a place that will help you become your own boss from the comfort of your home. If you are tired of others bossing you around or if you are a content creator already, this could be a big help. Swame.com will help you to monetize your content and earn money from it with ease. You only have to make an account on the site, which is FREE! They care about you and your content and are here to help you raise your paycheck with the content you make. On here, you can also find many models who are Swamers and use this site for their content. You can search and find your favorites and even follow them! Whatever your content might be it will help you monetize it and make money from the views you get. You could be an online yoga teacher, model, influencer, adult content creator, or even Youtuber, and it does not matter. Every view you get will be paid off with the help of Swame.com.

Why is Swame.com the best social network for monetizing

You are probably tired of trying to get the social media you're working hard on to get your content monetized. For example, on youtube, it is hard to get monetized, and you have to earn a large number of views for youtube to notice your videos. Even some big names on youtube still have problems with monetizing and youtube itself for many different reasons. And even if they get many views for their hard work, their content can get demonetized, and they won't get a cent even for it. Well, with Swame.com, you won't have that problem because this social network is specially made for monetizing your content. You won't have to work hard anymore and get nothing in the end because of the competition or incapable social media platforms. They will monetize and help you with your content and schedules so your work will flourish and be paid off. Isn't that something that every content creator online wants? A hard-working content that won't go to waste and will be noticed and paid off. That is why Swame.com is here to make your hard work be recognized and rewarded. To make your dreams as a full-time content creator come true. And on top of everything making your account is entirely free and is simple and easy to use.

How to monetize your content

On the front page is an orange button that says click here to monetize your content, and once you click it, it will redirect you to another page. On there, you will have to input your information for your future Swame account, such as your email and password. As well as the username, which is also required, you will have to verify your identity and certify your account. To be able to do that, you will provide them with a scan or photo of your ID card. You will also have to take a picture of you holding the said ID card with the sign that says <<Swame>>. As well as your username and the date of the current day you are doing that. Please keep in mind that you can't do that digitally, and you will have to use a piece of paper to write it yourself. You also have to make sure everything on your ID card with the selfie you take is clearly visible with all the details on it. You might think this is a bit weird, but it is necessary, and for example, OnlyFans has the same requirements. After that, you will also have to pick a currency for your Swame account to be able to receive the payment. Keep in mind that once you pick one currency, you won't be able to change it, and it stays like that permanent. Available currencies are euro and dollar only, and you will have to agree with the general terms and conditions of use.

Join the Swamers!

If you join the community, you will be able to meet many people who use Swame.com and earn money easily and quickly. There are 11M+ users, 50k+ Swamers with an 80% repayment! If you decide to become a Swamer, you will be able to offer how many subscription plans you want to your fans. And they will be able to access your exclusive content on your profile.

You will get the fueled flow by presenting your content that will be visible to everyone, individually unlockable or only by your fanbase. Messaging system will be available that has chats or group messages where you can deliver exclusive content. You will be able to add your dates when you will be available for your fans to make an appointment to chat with you. Streaming is available from your smartphone or your computer, and it's free. Pay for one minute only for your fans. It is up to you. Their management is excellent, and it allows you to easily track your income, your public statistics, and your orders. They have much more perks that they can't even list all, but once you join, you will be able to get the full experience.

Don't hesitate and join NOW!

If you think this is a scam or it would be hard, you are fooling yourself. There are many valid proofs and people that use Swame.com that are very grateful for it. Everything is legit, and you could figure that out based on their applications where they are very serious about catfishes. It is impossible to catfish, and they take this very seriously. It is a serious business that will help you with your online work. Once you join, you will see how your life will change for the better and how much you will thrive thanks to them. The content you make will be paid off every time, and you won't have to worry about demonization as others do. They know how hard it can be to grow on social media and get monetized, so that is why they're here to help. Join Swame.com and thrive!

  • Pretty site
  • Awesome Staff
  • Fast Servers
  • Needs more content creators